Bedside Tables

I want a bedside table, actually I need a bedside table. Stacking my reading material on the floor just isn't cutting it anymore. So I went hunting on Pinterest to find some cool and edgy bedside table ideas. With all the interesting ideas I found, I am now thinking about doing a DIY project and creating my own bedside table. So stay tuned, a DIY bedside table post may be coming up in the next few weeks. For now you can check out more bedroom ideas I found through my dream home board.

Images from Pinterest
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Whimsical White

Dress: Supre; Belt: Forever 21; Purse: Store in India; Shoes: Aldo
 Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to travel. During my last couple of trips, instead of picking up the predictable shot glass souvenir, I have started to pick a dress or two from the country I am visiting.

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