Orange Crush

Sunglasses: stall in Goa/ Romper: Charlotte Russe/ Belt: Forever 21/ Shoes: Forever 21
Surprise it's summer, hence the bright cute outfit! Oh no wait...that's just me dreaming, because as I write this post it's raining outside, and I am huddled under a big blanket. But this picture was taken near the end of summer, and technically I did wear this outfit a couple of weeks back for a night out in Vancouver. I mean of course if you know me, before I got to downtown I was bundled up in more layers that I can remember. However, getting to wear this bright romper again in fall, really did make me feel like it was summer all over again, as I danced the night away. Well... until I stepped out of the club, my goosebumps returned, and shivered all the way back home.

Thanks for reading!
Photos by Ryan Mitchell

xo Andrea


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