Dress like a Boss for under $80

Top: Charlotte Russe/ Skirt: Charlotte Russe/ Bag: small shop in Thailand/ Shoes: Roberto Vianni

I don’t usually wear all black. I mean of course I have a few little black dresses in the back of my closet, but as in daily attire, black is not my first go to.
But every time I do wear all black I definitely feel more powerful and put together. I found both the skirt and the top on a trip to the States, a little while ago at Charlotte Russe. I had heard that Charlotte Russe was going to be closing down and my heart broke a little. Luckily to my surprise it wasn’t closed, and the day I went in there was a ton of stuff on sale! While I have never shopped online at Charlotte Russe, whenever I have gone into the store I always seem to find a few great items. Exhibit A, this outfit, and guess what to top it off I got both the items for $17! Yup you heard right. I did spend quite a bit of time in Charlotte Russe, so long that my friend told me he came by 3 times just to make sure I was still in the store. But it was worth it, with a bit of digging I was able to find a few good treasures for a great price.

Outfit Breakdown:

Skirt ($7)
Top ($10)
Shoes (gifted but I think they were around $50)
Purse ($5 –but then again it was from Thailand)

Total=$72 (but for me it was really only $22 since the shoes were a gift)

Thanks for reading!
Photos by Ryan Mitchell

xo Andrea

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