Thailand Royal Blue Dress

Dress: Thailand Market/ Shoes: Michael Antonio
I like to travel quite a bit and in my last few trips I have picked up a dress, pair of shoes or jewellery that reminded me of the country I was visiting. I mean it is always nice to pick up the traditional shot glass from each country, but unless your doing shots on a regular basis (which might be a cause for concern), they just end up on display.
This way when I put on the item that I got from the country, I am reminded of that country and the wonderful memories that went along with that trip.

I found this dress while wandering one of the biggest market/malls in Bangkok, Thailand. I was by myself in a small store, crowded with tons of people. The worst part was that I wasn't allowed to try on the dress, and of course there were no refunds or exchanges. I really liked this dress because the royal blue and light gold reminded me of the Thailand's rich colors, yet the style was very Grecian. So I hung around the store for 40 min, patiently waiting for a mirror, just so I could hold up the dress in front of me. This was my first time buying a long dress, and with my short frame it was tough to decipher if the dress would look good on me, without actually trying it on. The Thai ladies working there definitely wanted to make a sale, so they followed me around the store saying "pretty lady, this dress very good, so good no need to try on, just buy", and offering me various other dresses to buy as well. In moments where I feel hounded to buy something, I usually step away. My trick is if I am still thinking about the item at the end of the day or the next day, then I really want it. I probably came back to the store 2 times that day, annoyed the sales people working there numerous times to get the dress back down so I could see it, before I finally purchased it. I am glad I ended up buying it, because when I pulled it out this summer to wear to a wedding, I was reminded of the crazy adventure that was Thailand.

You can find another top that I bought in Thailand here, and a dress that I bought in Chile here.

Pictures taken by Kaoverii
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


  1. So glad you bought this dress....it looks perfect on you! Love the color & the pleats! <3

  2. Rug is beautiful ♥♥♥ Your dress look so simple but yet so chic! You seriously look like Lana del rey in your pictures! Thanks for sharing~
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