Plaid and Rips

Blazer: Zara/Shirt Garage Clothing/Jeans: American Eagle
American Eagle jegging/jeans are amazing. Not only are they comfortable and soft, but the fit is incredible. The fabric hugs all your curves, without sagging in the wrong places.
I like to call that the bad jean sag. Ladies we all know about those jeans look great on the mannequin, then we try them on, see the bad jean sag, and they are back on the rack before the salesperson can try and convince us how great they look.

When I first wore these jeans around my parents and their friends they literally asked me "why would you pay money for jeans with holes in them?", "did you notice that these jeans have holes in them before you bought them?" and my favorite "did you pay full price for broken jeans?" I just laughed off these comments and said "I guess I need to get paid more to afford jeans without holes in them." While I usually like my jeans simple with a good fit, I find these distressed jeans add a some flavor to my outfit, and apparently it's a great conversation starter with my parents and their friends.

Pictures taken by Kaoverii
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


  1. Very nice shirt!


  2. perfect look..i like it..and your shirt is very nice
    your so chic

  3. I haven't tried the american eagle jeans in a long time.. I'll have to go check them out :)

    follow along @ www.studentswife.com


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