DIY: Fascinators

This summer I attended my first horse race, at The Annual Deighton Cup. For this fun, and fancy day at the races, I decided I was going to make my own fascinator. As usual I thought of this idea just a couple of days before the event, which meant I actually made my fascinator the morning of The Deighton Cup. The best part of creating my own fascinator, was that the whole project only cost $16. Here are the steps I took in creating a fascinator, just hours before the event.

Ps: You can read my adventurous day at the races in this post, including my hilarious face plant.
Black cloth
Black tulle
Peacock feathers
Head piece
Glue gun
1. Cover your head piece with black fabric. Glue it down on the inside of the head piece, around the edges.
2. Gather your black tulle, and glue it down to one side.
3. Cut your peacock feathers to an appropriate size, and glue them down on top of the tulle.
4. If you want you can glue a couple of fun colored jewels to your fascinator. I have posted the fascinator with and without the jewels.
5. Cover up the bottom of the peacock feathers with a small piece of black fabric. This will cover up the glue, and complete the look of your fascinator.

To wear the fascinator, place it on you head and use bobby pins to secure it into place.
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


  1. Fancy!! Great DIY Andrea!
    xo Amanda

  2. Estou te seguindo!

    Adorei a DIY, Andrea!

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^


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