Whimsical White

Dress: Supre; Belt: Forever 21; Purse: Store in India; Shoes: Aldo
 Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to travel. During my last couple of trips, instead of picking up the predictable shot glass souvenir, I have started to pick a dress or two from the country I am visiting.
I picked up this lovely white dress from Supre while I was in New Zealand. I loved the flow, and light weight material of the dress. When I wear this dress, it reminds me of the breezes in New Zealand, and my lovely friends I was with when I bought it. Since I wanted the dress to stand out, I just add a few pops of color in the belt and the shoes to complete the outfit.

You can check out my New Zealand adventures in this post and this post.

Beautiful pictures taken by Kaoverii
Have a great weekend!
xo Andrea


  1. Adorei o look e a paisagem é linda. Beijos!
    Estou inscrita.
    Me faça uma visita?


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