August Goal: Deighton Cup in Vancouver

In the beginning of this year, my New Years resolution was to try one new thing every month. So when I heard that the Deighton Cup was coming in August, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go to a horse race track for the first time.

During the morning of the event I rushed around to get my fascinator ready (which I made an hour before I left) and figure out the perfect outfit for the day. I went with a white lace dress and block colored heels. I was super excited to finally wear these heels, that I hadn't pulled out of the box since I purchased them last year. What I did forget is how hard it can be to walk in new heels, especially going down a downward slope. So let's just say I made my entrance into the event with a bit of a face plant. Alright it wasn't completely a face plant but my knee took quite the hit. That's why I am rocking a band aid on as part of my ensemble haha. Luckily we had arrived early, and not to many people were around to see my awesome fall. The rest of the day was a blast, sipping on some whiskey (which I don't ever drink), listening to an awesome live band, betting on a horse races and getting to see Vancouver really step it up some classy outfits.

Ps: There will be a DIY post on how I made my fascinator this week.

Thanks for reading!
{pics by moi}
xo Andrea


  1. Great photos! Looks like an amazing event


  2. amazing photos, dear :)



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