Book: One Moment, One Morning by Sarah Rayner

The feeling of losing someone is at times the hardest to explain. You feel angry, fear, sadness, guilt, and a million other emotions all in one day. As the one year anniversary of losing my best friend Rahul approaches, I am reminded of these emotions. One Moment, One Morning was a great book to read as I could easily relate to the characters, and how they dealt with an unexpected death. This is a great book that shows new friendships being formed out of tragedy, women supporting each other, and how to deal with difficult realizations in order to grow and change.

You can read the summary of the book here.

Favourite quotes from the book:

"That's the tragedy of falling in love; it brings with it the potential of loss."

"She has had a couple of lovers before, but honest to God, no one has ever felt as good, as perfect a fit, as him."

"She is afraid that if she falls apart in private, then she'll fall apart completely. That if she crumbles, like a house in an earthquake, she will disappear down some deep, dark crevasse, and never be able to pull herself out and put herself back together again."

"Anna seems warmer every time I meet her, thinks Lou. Funny, that. Some people, who seem friendly on first impression, turn out to be disappointingly superficial, whereas the aloof ones, like Anna, emerge as affectionate and loyal."

Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea

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