Leopard Chic

Scarf: H$M, Jacket: Costa Blanca, Leggings: Garage, Shoes: Zellers, Purse: Night Market
When I was younger, I hated wearing scarves. I think it was because I always found them so constricting, and the more my mom told me I had to wear one, the more I refused. Then came the turning point, when one day I finally saw the functionality of keeping warm in a scarf. On a trip back from India two years ago, I came back with a whole suitcase full of different coloured scarves. I am sure if security had opened up my suitcase, they would have asked if I was running a scarf business. I think it was the lack of me not wearing scarves as a child, that made me go a little crazy in buying so many (especially at a cheap price), and also earned me the nickname "scarf lady" by my friends.

Pictures by my lovely friend Kaoverii
Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!
xo Andrea


  1. Perfect look dear! Kisses.

  2. amazing look , loved how you combined those colors together , beautiful .

    Wanna follow my blog back ? that will make my day for sure .



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