Decor: Dining Room Chairs

 As the holiday season is fast approaching, dining rooms around the world are going to be filled with great food, awesome decorations, and good company. So this may be a good time to update your dining room chairs. Whether you end up buying classic wooden chairs, modern steel chairs, or simply reclaiming an old piece of wood into a bench, please make sure that the seats your guest's will be sitting on are comfortable. Here are some pictures that I found on my Pinterest account that may help you find the perfect chairs for your dining room.
Wooden chairs are always a classic
Try some modern steel chairs, but make sure that the cushion you add is very comfortable
Different coloured pastel chairs will add more colour to your dining room
Use a patterned fabric to spruce up old chairs
Add a bench to make your dining table have a more rustic feel
Try a circular table and finish it off with some classic black and white chairs
Mix different types of chairs at your table
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


  1. love the chairs in that first photo! you just inspired me to paint my boring black chairs a more fun color!

  2. These are all great. I love the wooden bench with the white furniture!

  3. I love the pop of color from the chair with the white kitchen!



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