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I had never read a Nicholas Spark book until this one and oh boy was I missing out. His writing style is so intriguing and his characters are so compelling that you just don't want to put the book down. I have always wanted a dog and after reading how amazing the dog was in this book, I really wanted to go to a shelter and pick up a little puppy.

Here is a description of the book, but I warn you don't scroll down past the description because it will give away the story. I love books like this, where you get so involved in the story that you don't even realize its 4am, you don't want to stop reading and you start work in 4 hours. This is one of those books and I can't wait to read another book by Nicholas Sparks. If you read it, I would like to hear what you thought about it, so leave me a comment.

Favourite Quotes from the book:

"You always have a choice, it's just that some people make the wrong one"

"To me, that's what traveling should be about. Meeting people, learning to not only appreciate a different culture, but really enjoy it like a local, following whatever impulse strikes you...If you have the right mind-set, it doesn't matter where you end up or how much money you brought. It'll be something you'll remember forever.” 

“The world is a better place when you smile” 

"She'd always believed that people come in two varieties: those who look out the windshield and those who stare in the rearview mirror. She'd(Julie) always been the windshield type: gotta focus on the future, not the past, because that's the only part that's still up for grabs."

“It was funny that you know someone for years but still discover something you never noticed before.”

“Don't let fear govern your decision.” 

Thanks for reading!
Do you have any recommendations for another Nicholas Sparks book?
xo Andrea


  1. Sounds like a great book!

    Check my new post

  2. Nicholas Sparks is such a great writer!

    Alexandra xo



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