Island Adventure

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After waking up early 2 days in a row to go on this lovely tour, we finally made it on the second day. Due to high waves our first trip was cancelled and we were all very disappointed. But when it finally happened it was one of my favourite days in Chile. We started off on a long drive, where we got to see more of the coastal and desert side of Chile. Then we got on the craziest boat ride, I am not kidding, it really was the craziest boat ride. Lets just say it was a small boat, huge waves, the Pacific Ocean spraying in our faces and gushing winds. But it was totally worth it, because we got to see wild dolphins that were swimming right next to our boat. Next we went to Isla Damas which is an island that is preserved for the animals. So while we were not allowed to go on the island, we still got to see lazy sleeping sea lions, penguins and tons of other Chilean bird life on the island. After out animal sightseeing tour we got to relax on the exclusive Punta Choros Island. We ended of our day eating a great meal and playing with the cutest puppies. This was definitely a day to remember and every time I look at the 21 second video I took of the dolphins, I get just a little sea sick seeing the waves that we endured haha.

Ps: See if you can spot the penguins in the third picture down. They are there, but quite camouflaged. 

{pics by moi}
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xo Andrea


  1. Wow, what amazing photographs! The blue of the sky and that of the sea in Picture 5 swept me off!


  2. Thanks for the visit.
    Too beautiful! =)
    I am a traveller myself, and loved how you talked about Chile.
    Let me read more on your ideas.

    You won't believe I am getting back to Blog world so was looking for adding some great blogs and I think I have found one ;)

  3. this sounds like a great trip, lovely pics !
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.

  4. Lovely pics ..the island looks lovely . have a look at my blog if you have time:)


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