Halloween: Nerd Alert

Halloween is just around the corner (aka tomorrow) so this past week I dressed up as nerd for work. I put on my suspenders and headed off to work. When I got there I noticed that no one commented on my costume. Finally I asked someone, do you like my costume? A co-worker of mine looked at me and said hey you look really trendy. I realized that I hadn't put on my glasses and when I did he said "oh you are a nerd". So apparently wearing this outfit didn't make me look much like a nerd but a trendy hipster. Truth be told I probably would wear this outfit on a regular, probably rolling down the jeans and losing the suspenders. I have been a nerd before and its one of my favourite costumes, because I will use any excuse to wear glasses. What you are going to be for Halloween?

Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


  1. I love it! It's so trendy and I don't no. I just really like this outfit! And I would honestly wear this as a casual day to town outfit :) This year I'm going as a moose, sounds very weird but it's a laugh and the moose hat is awesome.
    Ally xoxox

  2. Lovely look!


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