Hola Chile!

Before: A regular craft
Hi Everyone, just wanted to say a quick hello from CHILE! With all the travelling I have done, this is the first time that I have been to South America. After a long flight delay in Dallas (luckly they put me up in a very lovely hotel for the night) and a few hours of driving aimlessly around Santiago, we finally arrivied in Vina del Mar. Vina del Mar means ¨Vineyard by the sea¨ so how can you not love this place already? I am surrounded by beautiful views of the ocean, yummy food and great people. I have already seen so many things around the city and visiting the craft market was one of my favourite. Chile has a funny sense of humor and here are some pictures of the amusing crafts I found.

After: Lift him up and he show´s you his ¨special places¨ lol
In English: ¨In case of an emergency, break the glass¨ lol

Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


  1. LOL love that in case of emergency thing. haha!

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