Berry Life: Chile Recap

I'm back from the most amazing trip to Chile! Sorry for the lack of posts but I was just having way to much fun. Don't worry though there will be lots and lots of posts from my wonderful trip to Chile. So for now, here are some of the pictures from the wonderful places I visited on my first trip to South America.

This is a beautiful isolated island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean that I got to visit for a day
Pre Andes Mountains and Chilean wineries
Sand dunes and Chilean Wine
My first empanada...but not my last. SO good!
View from Pablo Neruda's (a Nobel Peace Prize winner) home
Earthquakes- the best drink ever! Wine, juice and ice-cream!
Lovely Chile!
Thanks so much for reading and your continued support!
xo Andrea


  1. Beautiful pics!


  2. Beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Chile someday.

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com


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