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Now that I am back from my lovely Chilean adventure, I have already hit up my local library for some new reading treats. While my bed has been a great place to snuggle up with a good book, I have been wishing for a comfy arm chair. So here are a few cool styles I found on Pinterest that I would love to put in my bedroom. You can also visit my Pinterest for some other home inspirations.

1. Neutral colours with knitted blankets

2. Nautical inspired design

3. Colourful prints

4. Simple design with edgy stud embellishments 

{photos from Pinterest}
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Sand dunes

Before I went to Chile one of the things I really wanted to try was sand boarding. As soon as I arrived I kept bugging my lovely friend to take me to any sand dunes, so I could try out this fun activity. On an overcast day we finally took a short trip to some near by sand dunes. Unfortunately when we got there the guy selling the sand boards was not there, so we decided to get some famous Chilean wine and enjoy the view. After climbing up some of the softest sand my feet have stepped foot in, we arrived at the top. Our wine drinking session was short lived, as Chilean police officers on horses told us that we couldn't drink at the sand dunes. That didn't stop our fun though, we dumped out the wine in our glasses, took silly pictures and I even met a Canadian from British Columbia.

Cops patrolling the sand dunes on horses

{pics by moi}
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Berry Life: Chile Recap

I'm back from the most amazing trip to Chile! Sorry for the lack of posts but I was just having way to much fun. Don't worry though there will be lots and lots of posts from my wonderful trip to Chile. So for now, here are some of the pictures from the wonderful places I visited on my first trip to South America.

This is a beautiful isolated island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean that I got to visit for a day
Pre Andes Mountains and Chilean wineries
Sand dunes and Chilean Wine
My first empanada...but not my last. SO good!
View from Pablo Neruda's (a Nobel Peace Prize winner) home
Earthquakes- the best drink ever! Wine, juice and ice-cream!
Lovely Chile!
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Hola Chile!

Before: A regular craft
Hi Everyone, just wanted to say a quick hello from CHILE! With all the travelling I have done, this is the first time that I have been to South America. After a long flight delay in Dallas (luckly they put me up in a very lovely hotel for the night) and a few hours of driving aimlessly around Santiago, we finally arrivied in Vina del Mar. Vina del Mar means ¨Vineyard by the sea¨ so how can you not love this place already? I am surrounded by beautiful views of the ocean, yummy food and great people. I have already seen so many things around the city and visiting the craft market was one of my favourite. Chile has a funny sense of humor and here are some pictures of the amusing crafts I found.

After: Lift him up and he show´s you his ¨special places¨ lol
In English: ¨In case of an emergency, break the glass¨ lol

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