Organizing the Bathroom Cabinets

After my bathroom decor post here, I decided it was time to organize my own bathroom drawers. In a couple of hours I had thrown away a bunch of junk, organized my drawers and found some treasures that I forgot I even bought. Here are some of my tips so that you can store your bathroom items in the most efficient way.

1. De-clutter- Throw away any old products that you have not used. (I learned that I have a lot of random beauty samples)

2. Keep the extra products you have bought in a separate basket- Sometimes we buy products to stock up, but forget about them in all our clutter. Keeping them in a separate basket will remind us to check that basket before we go shopping for new beauty products.

3. Keep products that you use frequently on your counter for easy access.

4. For storing items, use neutral storage baskets. I like these ones because they weren't plastic and had a nice weave design.

5. Group makeup items together and store them in separate baskets. 

6. Use glass containers to display items that you use on a regular basis, like cotton balls. This way you will easily be able to see when you are running out of an item.

7. Stack bracelets beside each other, so they are easy to see when deciding what to wear for the day.

8. Group all your hair products together and keep them under the sink cabinet. I used a colourful basket for this just to add some colour, because items put under the sink tend to get lost under all that darkness.

Do you have any other organizational tips for the bathroom?
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


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  2. Everything looks so organized! My bathroom is just such a disaster...I wish I was as organized!


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