Sunset Brights

Blazer: Zara; Yellow Tank-top: Joe Fresh; Shorts: Joe Fresh; Shoes: Charles David
Every time I now go into Superstore I can't help but wander into their clothing section. Who knew that while getting some fruits and veggies, you could also grab a cute pair of shorts? I love that the Joe Fresh collection this summer had so many bright colours and at affordable prices. I got this tank for $6 on sale, and it has been in constant rotation in my outfits. I stabilized the brights of this outfit by pairing it with a crisp white lace blazer from Zara, so I wouldn't blind everyone around me. :)

Pictures by my bestie Kaoverii Stills Photography
To all my Canadians have a great long weekend!
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xo Andrea


Waldorf Hotel: Fashion and Food

A couple of Sunday's ago I spent an afternoon snacking on different food's at the Food Truck Fest hosted by the Waldorf Hotel. The Waldorf has been hosting these Food Truck Fest's every Sunday since the end of July. On this particular Sunday, the event was complimented with a Vintage Clothing Sale. So after I had eaten to my heart's content, I browsed through vintage clothing, while listening to a great live DJ. It was a great event with the perfect combination of fashion and food. If you haven't had a chance to get down to the Food Truck Fest, September 2nd will be you last chance to try some of the tastiest food in Vancouver. Just make sure you get there early because popular items on various food truck menu's start to run out around 4pm!
Taco's, taco's, taco's
Simple cheese pizza that tasted delicious 

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Monday's Quote & Camping

Monday's Quote: "Life is better with friends."

With fall just around the corner, what better way to end of summer than camping with 25 friends! After driving down into absolute wilderness, for what seemed like way to long, we were able to find this remote camping spot. Honestly I still wouldn't be able to tell you how to get there, and the only way that we were only able to find it was because of creative land markings, aka Safeway bags that were left by friends that had previously arrived. Spending the weekend by this beautiful river, eating an enormous amount of food, hanging out with awesome friends, star gazing and napping to my heart's content was a great way to end a busy week. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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xo Andrea


Colour, Colour, Colour!

Necklace: Forever 21; Top: Forever 21; Pants: American Eagle; Flower Sandals: Spring
Summer is finally in full swing in Vancouver, even though it is mid August. So what does that mean for my clothing attire, LOTS of colour! These pictures are very special to me because they were taken by a lovely young lady, named Julia. I first met Julia when she was 5 or 6 and her mom hired me as a babysitter, which was also my first job. Over the years I have watched Julia grow from the little energetic girl that used to pull at my hair, into a talented new photographer. Her family means a lot to me so not only was this photoshoot fun but a great opportunity to catchup. I look forward to more of Andrea & Julia collaborations in the future.

Pictures by Julia
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!
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Organizing the Bathroom Cabinets

After my bathroom decor post here, I decided it was time to organize my own bathroom drawers. In a couple of hours I had thrown away a bunch of junk, organized my drawers and found some treasures that I forgot I even bought. Here are some of my tips so that you can store your bathroom items in the most efficient way.

1. De-clutter- Throw away any old products that you have not used. (I learned that I have a lot of random beauty samples)

2. Keep the extra products you have bought in a separate basket- Sometimes we buy products to stock up, but forget about them in all our clutter. Keeping them in a separate basket will remind us to check that basket before we go shopping for new beauty products.

3. Keep products that you use frequently on your counter for easy access.

4. For storing items, use neutral storage baskets. I like these ones because they weren't plastic and had a nice weave design.

5. Group makeup items together and store them in separate baskets. 

6. Use glass containers to display items that you use on a regular basis, like cotton balls. This way you will easily be able to see when you are running out of an item.

7. Stack bracelets beside each other, so they are easy to see when deciding what to wear for the day.

8. Group all your hair products together and keep them under the sink cabinet. I used a colourful basket for this just to add some colour, because items put under the sink tend to get lost under all that darkness.

Do you have any other organizational tips for the bathroom?
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xo Andrea


Monday's Quote

A picture I took of the harbour in Penticton
Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the lovely sunshine. My weekend was a busy one with work and catching up on my to do list that I have neglected. But I did manage to go away on a quick adventure to the The United States and watch the amazing closing ceremony of the Olympics. How great was it to see the Spice Girls reunite? I would love to hear how your weekend was.

Monday's Quote: "Live the life you love, love the life you live"

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xo Andrea


Secret in the Back

Sunglasses: Forever 21; Top:Dynamite; Sweater: Zara; Skirt: Forever 21; Purse: Zara; Shoes: Charles David Shoes
Summer days are upon us, but with the fickle weather in Vancouver you never know if you will be hit with a rain shower or a cold burst of wind. Which is why I think layering is a great option. I liked the idea of mixing colours, with a bright pink blouse and a mint sweater. The pops of bright pink are also in the details of the bag. I love this sweater from Zara because there is a lovely suprise in the back. Scroll down to see what it is :)


Pictures by the amazing Davidoff Photography
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xo Andrea


Penticton Part 2: Food Galore

If you are about to read this post and you have not eaten yet, I would suggest grabbing a sandwich right now because your about to get really hungry. I definitely started drooling just looking over my pictures, while writing this post about all the delicious food we tried in Penticton. Not only was the food mouthwatering and presented very well, it also left your stomach satisfied.

Delicious Crispy Chili Chicken at The Barking Parrot
Chicken & Mango Wrap at The Barking Parrot
Hood Wings at Hooded Merganser
Halibut Tacos at Hooded Merganser
Best Calamari at Bufflehead Pasta and Tapas Room
Ice-cream from Ogos
Local peaches

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xo Andrea


Penticton Part I

After one of the hardest emotional and physical weeks of my life, a little get away was just what I needed. So after an early morning start and a 5 hour car ride (which I pretty much slept through) we arrived in lovely Penticton. Within a couple of hours we had visited the local market, blown up a bunch of water floats, soaked in the sun and enjoyed the beautiful views all around us. Here are some of the pictures from my relaxing get away. Stay tuned for part 2 & 3 coming up soon!

Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea

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