1 month anniversary!

I snapped this picture while driving around and enjoying the sunshine in Vancouver this weekend
I can't believe that one month ago I re-started this blog. I remember being extremely nervous and excited about putting that first post up. I spent all night trying to make the site exactly the way I wanted. But due to my lack in understanding web coding, all I was able to accomplish was changing some web colours haha. This past month has been a huge learning process, and while my web page is still not the way I want it, I have loved every single aspect of blogging.

When I started this blog I did it because I wanted to get back into all the creative things I love to do, but had neglected because of school, work, and other commitments. I had no idea that in one month I would have 2,510 hits, from over 30 different countries. Fellow bloggers I have no idea how you found my blog but I am so grateful for your daily visits and comments, so thank you!

I also just started getting on the social media aspect of blogging, and I finally jumped onboard with Twitter (@SantosUskarvor)and Pinterest (andreasantos1). Come by and check it out.

Hope you had a great weekend! 
Thanks for Reading :)
xo Andrea


Classic Black and White

Shirt: Walmart, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Mulberry, Braclets: Flea Market in India, Shoes: Marc Fisher
A couple of weeks ago I attended Jason Matlo's stunning 2012 bridal fashion show. The day of the show I was stressing about what to wear, until I remembered to just stay simple and classic. That's when I chose this combination of black and white with a little hint of sparkle in the bracelets. The classic black pump finished off the look and I was ready to go.

Pictures were taken by the amazing Davidoff Photography
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


Hot Pants

Hot Pants

Hot Pants by uskarvor featuring denim skinny jeans

Red "Hot Pants" as I like to call them are one of the welcomed trends this season. When choosing a red pant (or any red garment) make sure to choose the right shade of red for your skin tone. This is a great casual outfit for strolling the streets of your city this weekend. 

Ps: Aren't those sunglasses fabulous?

Denim skinny jeans
£24 - awear.com

Flat shoes
€210 - apc.fr

Burberry analog watch
$495 - nordstrom.com

Rebecca Minkoff sunglasses
$230 - rebeccaminkoff.com

Have a great weekend (and a great long weekend if you live in Vancouver)
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


Avocado tuna wraps

I had some over ripe avocados as you can see, so I decided to whip up a quick and easy wrap. I combined tuna, avocados, a tiny bit of dill and onion cream cheese in a bowl and added some pepper. For the spice lovers out there like myself I added some spicy sriracha sauce. Finally I spread the combined ingredients on the wrap, with some lettuce and wrapped it up. 

{pics by moi}

Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


Neon Friendship

Hey girls, remember when we were in elementary school, and the cool thing to make was friendship bracelets all day long? Well apparently that trend never went away. So it is only fitting, that I learned how to make this pattern of friendship bracelets from a 9 year old girl. I think I got a little addicted to making these so expect some more friendship bracelets in the future.

{pics by moi}
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


Stop for a second

Happy Monday!! In the midst of bbq's, chilling with friends, hanging out in Vancouver's nightlife and watching The Avenges movie (which is amazing if you have not seen it yet...ps: stay until all the credits are finished) I realized I did a lot of walking this weekend. The weather in Vancouver was amazing, and while walking I got to capture pictures like these of beautiful flowers in the most unexpected places. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great Mother's Day!

Monday Quote:

"I always give 100% at work"

13% Monday
22% Tuesday
26% Wednesday
35% Thursday
4% Friday

Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


Minty Lace

Minty Lace

Minty Lace by uskarvor featuring a lace dress

Lace is one of the biggest trends this season, so I thought it would be a great idea to pair it with one of the hottest colours this season Mint. I kept the accessories neutral, which allows the dress to really stand out in this outfit. 

Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea

Lipsy lace dress
£55 - lipsy.co.uk

Schutz leather high heels
$160 - endless.com

Warehouse clutch handbag
$36 - warehouse.co.uk

Miso mesh jewelry
£10 - republic.co.uk

Stella mccartney sunglasses
$225 - forwardforward.com


Healthy Popsicles

Summer is just around the corner! On those (hopefully) hot days this summer, having a cold popsicle is just what I will need to cool down. So I decided to make a healthy version of a popsicle, packed with mangoes and strawberries. There is a secret ingredient that I used, so scroll down to see what it is.

{pics by moi}

The secret ingredient is Orange Gatorade!
Thanks for reading.
xo Andrea


Watercolour Nails

I was never into doing my nails until last year. Then one I came across a beautiful coral nail polish colour, and something came over me. I just had to add that colour to my nails. Since then I have been experimenting here and there with a few colours. So I decided to try to do watercolour nails and here is the tutorial. If you try this out, please leave me a comment and let me know how it goes.

Start with some of your favourite colours
Put A LOT of tape all around your fingers, except for your nails
In a bowl of water add drops of your favourite nailpolish
Dip your fingers into the bowl of nail polish. Told you it was going to get messy!
Clean up any extra nail polish around your nails with some nail polish remover, and add a topcoat.

{Pics by moi}
Voila! You have Watercolour Nails!
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


Weekend Tidbits

Could not stop eating these cupcakes from Mini*Go Treats

My weekend started on Thursday. Well that's a lie I had to work on Friday, but since my shift was filled with an overdose of eating chocolate I wasn't complaining. This weekend was filled with delicious treats, chilling in the glorious sun, working on some upcoming diy projects and having way to much fun in a homemade photo booth. Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday Quote: "Happiness is an inside job." ~William Arthur Ward

{pics by moi from my blackberry}
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


Sunny Fridays

Yellow is the colour of summer! Over the last couple of weeks I noticed I started buying small yellow treats to add a little sunshine in my life. The best part is that 3 of these items were flea market finds and under $3. Take a look below and see if you can guess the price of these fabulous treasures.

Wallet found at a flea market- $3
Foldable water bottle - $2 from Superstore

Make-up bag found at a flea market for $3
Beach book a collection of short stories found at a flea market for $1- Best part its waterproof!

{pictures by moi}
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for Reading!
xo Andrea


Mixing textures

Sunglasses: Ray ban, Sweater: Forever 21, Shirt: Urban Planet, Pants: Zara, Bag: Mulberry, Shoes: Roberto Vianni

I love mixing different textures together without going over the top. Since the knit sweater was a neutral colour, soI was able to add checkered print underneath. While this outfit was inspired by a menswear look, I added a cute shoe to make it more feminine. This outfit is great to wear in Vancouver when your not quite sure what the weather is going to be like.

Pictures by my lovely friend Kaoverii
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


Gossiping while Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting has always been on my bucket list, but the opportunity had never presented it’s self...until I got to New Zealand this past Feb. Everyone else that was in the raft had been on this exciting adventure before, and here I was not knowing what I was getting myself into. So you could say I was a tad bit nervous when the instructor threw the raft in the rapids and started paddling away. He told us to jump in the water and to swim to the raft as he continued to paddle further away. His exact words “the faster you swim, the faster you will get into the raft.” Good thing I knew how to swim really well.
Our instructor was hilarious and our trip ended up being full of laugher and gossiping. Apparently as per our instructor, us girls couldn’t stop talking to each other while going down the smaller rapids haha. I guess girls can always find an opportunity to chat even while whitewater rafting. I think the only time we were really quiet was when we went down the 7 meter waterfall!! Check out the pictures below to see if we made it. 

Going down the 7 meter waterfall
Oh no...did we make it?

Survivors and our raft didn't even capsize!

Wow we just went down that waterfall

Alisha still trying to chat with me haha!

 Adventure of a lifetime. 
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea

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