Rainy Monday's

Monday's are always tough to get moving after a couple of days of lazing around. So I thought that every Monday I will post up a funny, inspirational or motivational quote for whatever my post will be on.

Today's Quote: " Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor"- Jackson Brown

Vancouver has been showering us with rain, since last week. But there have been days when the sun has tried to break through those stormy clouds, which is when I snapped this picture. (Please ignore the reflection as I took it on the skytrain). By just changing the river to a purple colour I was able to turn these depressing storm clouds into something beautiful. Have a great Monday and don't forget to dance in the millions of rain puddles out there!

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xo Andrea


First Tea Party

I turned 25 a couple of months ago, but was on an amazing trip to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia during my actual birthday. So once things had settled down after returning from my trip, I threw my first tea party for a bunch of my girlfriends. We had a great time eating the food I had made and catching up. Later on that night we went out for some dancing, which is when I told my guy friends about the tea party I had hosted earlier. Here is the funny thing, they were all offended that they we not invite haha. Who knew guys would be interested in coming out to a tea party? But I guess when there is food involved, guys will be interested.

Cute tags to label tea snacks

{Pics by me}

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xo Andrea


Purse Delights

Purse Delights

I love the colours for Spring bags this season. With the wide range of colours, you can find a bag to compliment any outfit. Here are some of the bags that have brightened up my mood, on a rainy day in Vancouver.

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xo Andrea

Clutch handbag
$191 - zappos.com

H M clutch handbag
£13 - hm.com

Cheeky Budha clutch
£10 - bankfashion.co.uk

Jack BB Dakota clear handbag
$135 - modcloth.com

Leather handbag
£30 - riverisland.com

Michael Kors leather bag
£214 - farfetch.com


Pop of Colour

When you live in Vancouver you know that the most important thing you will own is rain jacket. As soon as I saw this one I fell in love with the colour. So in love that I didn't even want to try it on because I knew that I would probably end up buying it and it was a little out of my price range. But a friend of mine convinced me just to try it on ...and when I did, I knew I had to have it. This jacket definitely makes me more cheerful when I have to forge through the rainy days in Vancouver.

{Pictures by my lovely friend-check out her website http://www.kaoverii.com/blog}

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xo Andrea


What she order...Fish fillet

It was my mom's birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to make her one of her favourite meals fish and chips. Instead of using very heavy batter I opted for a healthier option and coated the cod with bread crumbs and then baked it. It was a delicious and healthy alternative.

                                                                  {pics by me} 

                                                          Thanks for Reading!
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Good Morning Vancouver!

                                                        Beautiful sunrise in Vancouver

                                                            {Picture taken by Andrea}

Looks like I am back in the blogging world. As you can tell my last attempt at blogging while travelling didn't go as well as I thought. It is very hard to keep up with posts when all you want to do while travelling is see the sights, eat as much as possible, and try to get some sleep. 

Now Uskar Vor has been re-vamped and throughout the next couple of weeks will probably have a  lot more changes as I enter into the new world of learning web design. If you did not know Uskar Vor means inspire in Konkani (the language of Goan people aka my nationality), therefore I am now transforming this blog into things that inspire me. I will be posting about style, cooking, travel, books I am reading, diy projects and other treats. I am really excited about this new venture, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

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