"Let thy words be few"

I have been thinking about it, talking about it, planning how I would do it and decided today I was actually going to do it. What I am talking about is starting a blog !

I thought about the name of this blog for such a long time but could not get just the right title until one day I thought..."hey I want it to be something about things that inspire me" Now I know there are tons of blogs out there. Creative ones, funny ones, inspirational funny and creative ones, so how do I connect this blog to just me?

*lightbulb idea* my cultural background! My ancestors come from Goa, India and I have always felt a huge connection to being Goan. That's how the hunt began on finding the word for what "inspire" was in Konkani. I asked my parents, relatives, family friends and anyone that knew the konkani language what the word for inspire was. Suprisingly no one knew! Until one day on google I found ..

Inspire, v. 1. uskar vor = draw inspiration;

And so this blog has been created. I hope you will join me on this journey in things that inspire me and share with me things that inspire you. :)

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